For Prevention of brant caner and cervical cancer yearly medical check up by women is mendatory. This facility is available at The Women Hospital. Forcervical cancer, we had facilities like per speculam examination, Pap Smear, VILI, VIA, Colposcopy, Cervical biopsy, GARDASIL & CERVARIX vaccination etc.

Breast cancer

We had facilities like local brant examination, sonography, mammography & Tumor markers etc.

Sign & Symptoms for Breast Cancer

  • Painless mass in breast
  • Change in size and shape of breast skin
  • Ulcer on breast nipple
  • Dischanges form nipple
  • Bleeding from niple
  • Axillary swelling
  • Nipple Retraction


  • Chemotherapy
  • Modified radical mastectomy
  • Long tam follow up.

Ovarian cancer

Detection by sonography, Tumor markers, CT-Scan etc.

Treatment modalities

  • Exploratory and staging laparotomy
  • Chemotherapy , Radiotherapy
  • Carative & Cytoreductive surgery
  • laparoscopic second look surgery